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This particular example came from the SMS Short Code 707-65.

An SMS Short Code is an abbreviated number, or alias, used for SMS (text) messages.

This month's Tasty Spam column features insights from Cloudmark regarding a recent SMS scam pushing adult dating websites.

Cloudmark observed a spam campaign which combined email sent to SMS gatways, a free texting service, an auto-responder bot, URL redirectors, and cloud storage services.

Login to your AT&T wireless account, and click on your most recent bill.

Under the Bill Summary, browse down to each phone number, and click on the “ ” icon next to “Monthly Charges.” This will expand your monthly charges and show you the details you need to see in order to spot the fraudulent subscriptions, as illustrated below: Here you can see the line item AT&T Monthly Subscriptions towards the bottom.

"The spammers start off by sending an SMS message through an email-to-SMS gateway.

Here’s an example of a text message scam you may receive.

The sender may be listed as a full phone number, or as an SMS Short Code.

As always, be careful what links you click on and what SMS messages you respond to.

If you see a text message you believe is spam, don't reply, but just forward it to SPAM (7726).

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