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The Western Disturbance brings some rain in winters that further adds to the chill.Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant seasons with low humidity.As of 2011 On 12 April 2016, Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar announced a proposal to officially rename the city Gurugram, subject to the approval of the Haryana cabinet and the Union Government.He argued that the new name would help to preserve the "rich heritage" of the city by emphasising its history and association with Dronacharya.Gurgaon (officially known as Gurugram) is a city in the Indian state of Haryana and is part of the National Capital Region of India.It is 32 kilometres (20 mi) southwest of New Delhi and 268 km (167 mi) south of Chandigarh, the state capital.Under the rule of Feroz Shah Tughlaq, several were converted to Islam.This was followed by the invasion of Timur and the land was ruled by Khanzadas. During Akbar's reign, Gurugram fell within the governing regions of Delhi and Agra.

The housing type in the city consists largely of attached housing, though a large number of attached multi-dwelling units, including apartments, condominiums and high rise residential towers are getting popular.In 1947, Gurgaon became a part of independent India and fell under the Indian state of Punjab.In 1966, the city came under the administration of Haryana with the creation of the new state.The monsoon season usually starts in the first week of July and continues till August. The average annual rainfall is approximately 714 millimetres (28.1 in).Gurgaon has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide range of styles and from distinct time periods.

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Gurgaon's skyline with its many skyscrapers is nationally recognised, and the city has been home to several tall buildings with modern planning.