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Dating services san jose costa rica

High density of population and infrastructure increases the risk, making hazard mitigation even more important.Geologic events are distinctive for their extremely rapid onset.Estimates of an occurrence of a given hazardous event are probabilistic, based on consideration of the magnitude of an event and its occurrence in time and space.Other measures-duration, areal extent, speed of onset, geographic dispersion, frequency-can be anticipated with even less precision.

This information is sufficient to show the planning team whether a hazard constitutes a significant problem in development area and, if so, what detailed studies requiring the services of a specialist are needed.Friction produces stress and temperature increases; the subducted rock melts and expands, causing additional stress and upward movement of the magma.The magma reaches the surface, erupting to form volcanoes, and the crustal rocks respond to the stresses by breaking and moving.It must be emphasized that "consideration" means that hard decisions representing real money must be made at each step along the way: Is ground faulting a serious hazard here? In that situation it may be possible to substitute other information which, even if not ideal, yields a result with a degree of reliability suitable to the level of the study.This chapter offers a framework for arriving at decisions on the mitigation of geologic hazards at various stages of the development planning process with a minimum expenditure for information gathering.

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This chapter focuses on the use of information about earthquakes and earthquake-induced landslides, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis (ocean waves caused by earth movement) to improve development planning in Latin America and the Caribbean.