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That goes especially for my kids, who maybe don't always realize they want time from me (beyond acquisitions and chauffeur services).

I wish I could find a way to be interested in housework.

I am proud of my ability to support my daughters financially and emotionally and spiritually in reaching their dreams. I took myself and my needs seriously, maybe for the first time. I probably could have handled the conflict with my youngest daughter better.

Anger is almost never a good strategy for coexistence.

I am happy (and proud) to say there is nothing that mattered that I would have done differently this year.I think I had been so focused on my inability to determine his actions, I think I withheld things that might have helped him better understand how his choices were affecting our family.I wish I had not gotten sucked back into the relationship that almost destroyed me a few years ago. I am proud of the steps that I took toward helping reduce my carbon footprint.I get engrossed in something and then I get snapped out of it and I lose patience and perspective.I also need to watch out for using sarcasm in my teaching and communication.

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On the other hand, I am proud of what I have completed on it.